Dr, zohani White Magic Spells:

Cast Free White Magic Spells for Money, Welthy, Prosperity, Luxury, Success, Good Luck and Good Fortune.

White Magic Spells are also similar to other Magic Spells like Black Magic Spells and Voodoo Magic Spells. But Voodoo Magic Spells are used mostly to harm human being and this is easily done by casting Voodoo Magic Spells. Black Magic Spells are also used to harm your enemies by giving pains and troubles to your enemies who does not want you to remain happy. In all these types of castings! Black Magic Studies are used.
White Magic Spells are not at all like this.

Here in White Magic Spells the help, support and willingness of God Almighty is taken to solve the innumerable problems of those people who are facing too many problems in their life’s. Eg: like not getting success and enough money in business, so that they can live happily and nurture their family. White Magic Spells are also used for the protection from enemies and progress of the family members. Also White Magic Spells are used to protect from the Evil eyes of the people. White Magic Spells are mostly used for worldly peace and for the soul satisfaction of the people so that they can lead a pleasant and peaceful life.

White Magic Spells are derived from the natural component which is present in nature and everybody knows that the nature is made by God Almighty so it is clearly understood that White Magic Spells will always get goodness and prosperity to the people. White Magic Spells are mostly casted on the full moon because the light that comes from the Full moon also plays a very important role in the casting

Things used for Casting :

White clothes, white mat, white hakik rosary, white bell.

Casting :

At full moon between 4 am to 6 am your stomach should be empty. Your thoughts should be pure and clean. You should be in good concentration mood. Place the white mat on the floor and sit on it facing the north direction. Keep the white bell in front of you. Pray the below mantra (verses) 1001 times using the white hakik rosary. As soon as the prayers is over the white bell which is kept in front of you will get activated. Then immediately take the white bell in your house and keep it in a place which is clean

Mantra (verses):


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